DIY Ghast Pinata for a Minecraft Party

Every little boy needs a pinata to whack on their birthday. Even nine year old Minecraft-loving boys.

Let me save you a little trouble. Hobby Lobby does not have Minecraft pinatas. Neither does Walmart. Or any other place I searched. Never fear – trusty hot glue gun to the rescue!

DIY minecraft party

This was such a simple project I totally forgot to take step by step pictures. All you need is an empty box (I chose a diaper box), rolls of white and black streamers, and plastic cable ties.



First, I covered the outside of the box with white paper to block out the print and pictures. A “trap door” was cut into the top for candy.

I fringed the white streamers to give the ghast texture then began to layer the streamers around the box.



After the sides were covered (and the candy was added to the box) I layered the top with white streamers then added long pieces to the bottom. The eyes and mouth are simple pieces of black streamers and red cardstock. Plastic cable ties were used to create a hook.

This pinata was totally inspired by Epic Minecraft Birthday Party at Choose Awesome.

I think Steve would be proud. Whoever that is!

Make sure to check out the rest of the Minecraft Party!

DIY minecraft party @ 3littlegreenwoods

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