Adorable Little Girl’s Bedroom

My daughter’s bedroom makeover is finally complete! It is an Adorable Little Girl’s Bedroom filled with soft colors, vibrant patterns, vintage furniture, and even a Magic Mirror!

Adorable Little Girl's Bedroom Makeover by 3 Little Greenwoods {3littlegreenwoods}

Goal # 1 for the New Year was transforming our three year old’s room into a space she can call her own. It took 4 months and there were tons of small projects along the way that make up the bedroom makeover. I can’t wait to share them all with you!

girl bedroom makeover

Let’s take a moment to look back at what we started with. This is a shot of her bedroom right after we moved in two summers ago. Notice the beige walls and the lovely, very formal window treatments.

Very grandma frumpy. So not fit for my spunky little princess!

before shot of little girl's room by 3littlegreenwoods

Now this is a space that makes Tootsie and me smile!

Of course, the first thing I did was rip down those awful drapes and brighten the room up with soft green paint.

Adorable Little Girl's Bedroom Makeover by 3 Little Greenwoods {3littlegreenwoods}

The window treatments were created following Hi Sugarplum’s tutorial {DIY} How to Build a Window Pelmet. It was super easy and cost next to nothing since it was made with foam core boards from the Dollar Store and a hot pink sheet from Goodwill!  girl bedroom ideas

We were so blessed to inherit a complete bedroom set from my grandmother when she downsized her household last fall.  As we were loading the furniture into our trailer, my grandmother asked me what color I was going to paint her bed. I promised not to lay a paint brush on her bed but I didn’t say anything about the nightstands. ;)

A Little Bit of Blue DIY Chalk Paint dolled up those out dated, laminate pieces. The soft blue breaks up the color from the matching maple bed and dressers. 

lampshade makeover

Old, nasty lampshades were ripped apart and beautiful crystal lamps were given new life with more girly touches. I love the pink gingham fabric and the ruffly ribbon added to the edges! Go {here} to see the tutorial for the DIY Lampshade Makeover.

lampshade makeover

My Grandmother’s Hope Chest looks lovely in the room in the room now that it has a new coat of paint. Before I got my hands on it, the chest was avocado green and speckled with missing wood veneer. Click {here} to see how I repaired it with Automotive Body Filler!

Repaired and Revived Hope Chest by 3 Little Greenwoods

Tootsie’s monogram was added with an easy technique for Washi Tape Wall Decals.

washi tape decals

Beside the bed is the Rock-a-Baby cornerIt is still our favorite spot to read before bedtime. Displaying paintings from both of Tootsie’s great-grandmothers makes it extra special.

vintage girl bedroom

The Rock-a-baby Corner @ 3littlegreenwoods

kids room furniture

The dresser with mirror looked small on one long wall. A simple craft project of creating Vibrant Paper Pinwheels was all I needed to filled in the space above the mirror.

paper pinwheels wall art

Gallery Wall of precious photographs completed the look. Tootsie loves naming all the sweet babies and beautiful ladies on her wall. Especially her Meme celebrating her first birthday!

gallery wall girls room

Using Family Photographs to Decorate

By far the DIY Dress Up Station is Tootsie’s favorite spot. The wall space is designed for hanging her best gowns for the Royal Ball, it has a small hamper for more dress up storage, and a “Magic Mirror” for her to see her cute little princess self.

dress up area

dress up area

Need more details on how I pulled together her DIY Dress Up Wall? Go {here} for the full post!

dress up area

I’ve got to show you just one more thing… Tootsie’s Upcycled Jewelry Box! An inexpensive box was transformed from Va-Va-Voom Purple Cheetah to a Pink Polka-Dot covered creation ready to store tons of bracelets, rings, and bows. Click {here} to see the tutorial.

little girl jewelry storage

I hope you have enjoyed taking the tour of my Adorable Little Girl’s Bedroom! It was so fun crafting, repurposing, and decorating Tootsie’s room.

Sending each of you {big hugs} for making it to the end of this super long post!

                       Your comments totally make my day! They give me huge motivation to                    keep creating and having fun with my 3 Little Greenwoods! 

~ Ashley

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DIY Container Garden ~ Planning & Planting

Construction is complete on our DIY Container Garden. Now it’s time for planting. Yay!

But before we can get all excited about digging into our newly built garden we need to do a bit of planning about exactly what we want to grow. We also need to learn about what veggies will actually produce during our extremely hot summers.

DIY Container Garden: Planning & Planting {}

Even though my father-in-law is a farmer, the only things we have tried to grow have been tomatoes and the occasional pepper plant. So we Honey began his most favorite thing to do before starting any project: research.

One site he landed on was the Gardener’s Supply Company Kitchen Garden Planner. It is a free online planner those allows you to design your garden using square foot gardening techniques. You can use their Pre-planned Gardens or Design your Own Garden.

We chose to build a 4′ x 8′ container garden. After checking online with our local extension office to search for vegetables and fruits that would do well in our area, we designed our garden online with Gardeners Supply Company.

Kitchen Garden Design

To make the design we created easier to follow we decided to make a grid in the garden using small nails and yarn from my craft room. Honey marked off 1 foot sections along all four sides of the container then handed Big Boy a hammer and small nails. This was the perfect job for our “get it done” oldest child. ;)

After the nails were in place, they worked together to create the grid with yarn.

DIY Container Garden

Next it was time to fill the box! Armed with our list of veggies and fruits from our plan we headed to Home Depot to buy our plants and seeds.

kitchen garden

Here’s what we planted:

  • five varieties of tomatoes {we really like tomatoes}
  • several varieties of peppers (green, sweet, and jalapeño)
  • squash
  • cucumbers
  • basil and dill
  • red onions
  • romaine lettuce
  • peas and beans

We originally planned to grow watermelon in the garden but chickened out at the last minute. Farmer Grandaddy said watermelons need a bit more room to grow. So watermelon and cantaloupe will go in another sunny spot. Wish us luck finding one!

Did you spy the two blueberry bushes? We will plant those in another area of the yard soon.

Seeing each square was very helpful to us. It helped in placement of the plants and let us know that all the space was begin used to its fullest potential.

kitchen garden

All planted!

container gardening

Our sweet dog is famous of snatching left behind shoes and burying them in the flower beds. She wouldn’t look at me when I snapped her picture but I know that she is thinking…

DIY Container Garden: Planning & Planting {}

Now we are just crossing our fingers the dog, squirrels, and moles stay out and praying something grows!

Want to see where we started? Here’s how we built our DIY Container Garden.

Constructing DIY Container Garden by 3 Little Greenwoods {}

                       Your comments totally make my day! They give me huge motivation to                    keep creating and having fun with my 3 Little Greenwoods! 

~ Ashley

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